May flowers.

April rains have passed away, May is here, and in the world of horticulture things are blooming. With the advent of spring plant enthusiasts  enter into their busiest time of the year and here at OCC we are no exception. This month we’ve been going from the start, having already built, displayed, won, and torn down our design for the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza. We’re proud to start off with a little announcement:

OCC Horticulture Club took 1st place in the student competition and also won “best theme representation”

And if that weren’t enough, during the awards ceremony Jamie Durie who has a popular show on HGTV and wrote “The Outdoor Room” got up spontaneously, grabbed the microphone, and proclaimed: ” This group of college kids have raised the bar for everyone here.”

OCC Horticulture Club 2011

OCC Horticulture Club Spring Garden Show 2011

Guest Speaker: Korina qu Petrozzi of The Plant Nerd, Inc

Wednesday May 4th at 8:30pm in the Horticulture Department

Interested in owning your own successful horticulture-based business? Then this is the guest speaker for you!! Former OCC Horticulture student, Korina, a Certified Ornamental Horticulturist, UCCE Master Gardener and Graduate PCDI School of Landscape Design, will be our final speaker prior to the conclusion of Spring Semester. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own horticulture-based business or wanted to learn more from a proven successful business person this is an excellent opportunity to get started. Read more about Korina and The Plant Nerd at our Guest Speakers page

Other News:

We will be planning the annual Horticulture Department Barbecue, stay tuned for more info and clear your calendars for Saturday May the 28th. We’ll also be working on getting up a photo album up of the entire Garden Show process, from sketches to tear down, so check back here soon.

April Meeting

General Meeting :Wednesday, April 13th @ 8:30pm Room 101 of the Horticulture Department

Come join us for an update on our progress on preparing for the 22nd Annual South Coast Plaza Spring Garden Show “Foreign Intrigue, Gardens of the World” April 28th – May 1st

Our video montage will help illustrate our garden theme – Moorish Flourishes In A Contemporary Garden

We will also be covering:

The South Coast Plaza Spring Garden Show
  • Set-up
  • Tear-down
  • Show volunteers/attendants and orientation
The Spring Plant Sale

–OCC Hort Club

March Update

Greetings from the Horticulture Club.

February has come and gone, and the Club has been very busy – mostly with our submission for the Spring Garden Show.  Just yesterday we submitted our design  – “Moorish Flourishes in a Contemporary Garden”. Check it out on on the group projects page.  All the people who’ve helped make this happen deserve great heaps of appreciation!  And you can join us in the effort – just drop us an email or come to our weekly meeting on Mondays at 8:15pm.

Our next General Meeting

NEXT Wednesday, 3/9, after classes, about 8:30pm.  (That’s a reschedule – we originally had it planned for the 2nd.)  And we are pleased to have Kelly Christensen joining us with a presentation about Cycads – the dinosaurs of the plant world.  Their fossils date to 280 million years ago – that’s older than the continents as we know them.  And you may just have one of them lurking in your yard.  When is a palm not a palm?  When it’s a Sago – one of the more ubiquitous of the cycads here in SoCal.  But Kelly will have more than Cycas revoluta, to show us. He and his wife have been collecting cycads since the mid 1980s.  Their collection includes some very rare, endangered or even extinct-in-the-wild species.  And he’ll tell us all about these fascinating plants.  Careful, you could catch the cycad collecting bug from Kelly!

Arbor Day

Because of the excess rain we’ve had lately, the soil where we were going to be planting trees for arbor week is a bit soggy, so this weekend we will be cleaning out the area to begin construction on the Garden show. We may also trace a life-sized layout of the design to get  a better visual idea of the space we are working with. The area where we will be working is the far back left corner of the department if you enter from the front gate. Saturday March 12 at 10:00 am.

Here in California there is actually an Arbor Day week.  (It’s true – check out the Arbor Day Foundation’s website at To celebrate, we’re planning to teach you how to properly plant a tree.  On Saturday, March 12th – just a week and a half away – we will meet in the Horticulture gardens at 9:30am for a tree planting demonstration, and yes, a chance for you to help plant a tree that you could potentially visit decades from now.  Trees are the most substantive, most valuable and most emotionally significant plants in our landscapes. Come join us to find out how to treat them right.

And a big Welcome

to some of our new fans who signed up at this semester’s Club Rush!  We’re looking forward to seeing you at our events.  Plus a big thank you to Meredith, Tiny and Karina for helping out with our both – not to mention Lee, who made sure the Horticulture Club was front and center!

Happy Spring Everyone,
The OCC Horticulture Club

February at OCC Hort Club (past)

Rose Pruning Day Recap

First, thanks very much to everyone who attended the Rose Pruning Workshop at the Garrison Garden a couple weeks ago!  We had a very nice introduction to the Garden from Lee Gordon, a very informative demonstration from Rick Harlow on how to prune a few types of roses, and of course we had a chance for some hands on experience.  Check out the action shots that we’ve posted Rose Pruning Photos
Thanks to everyone who participated! Tiny, Kevin, Jylian, Mattie, Fred, Bryanne, Beth, John, Suiko, Allen, Eloy, Elaine, Kelly, Steve, Nellie, Angela, Zach, Meredith, Rick and Lee.

Now the big news: Our first General Meeting

Will be on Wednesday, February 9th after classes, at about 8:30.  The main event: “Foreign Intrigue, Gardens of the World”.  Sound familiar?  It’s all about the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza – last year’s maiden voyage, this year’s journey to exotic lands.  We had a great group of dedicated explorers attend the Kick-off meeting last week, and we were able to get our bearings.  But don’t worry, there’s plenty of adventure left for you brave (or just curious) souls out there.  Intrigued?  Join us at the meeting to find out all about it.  For a little preview check out the Group Projects page or the pictures from last year
But before closing, more thank yous to those dedicated explorers who’ve helped get this year’s Spring Garden Show display garden off to a great start: Merci! Grazie! Danke!  You’re participation is dearly appreciated.
And here’s to an excellent Spring Semester for everyone,
OCC’s Horticulture Club