Spring Garden Show 2014

Annual Southern California Spring Garden Show

25th Anniversary

April 24th – April 27th

Theme is “Celebrating the Gardens of Southern California”


As Nancy Goslee Power states in her book, The Gardens of California:

“California is a paradise on the Pacific, a place of mythic proportions with an intoxicating climate. Its monumental natural landscapes, including ocean, mountains, and barren sweeps of desert, fill the senses and invite romantic interpretation.”

“Celebrating the Gardens of Southern California” is the theme for this year’s 25th Southern California Spring Garden Show and South Coast Plaza invites you to create an inspiring garden that celebrates our “paradise on the Pacific”.

You may choose to re-interpret the walled courtyard gardens from our Spanish heritage, such as Mission San Juan Capistrano, Rancho Los Alamitos or Rancho Los Cerritos.

Or perhaps a seaside garden, a shady sycamore and oak filled canyon setting, or a drought tolerant desert landscape is more to your liking.

Get inspired by Southern California horticultural gems….

• The Huntington Botanical Garden
• Descanso Gardens
• Quail Botanical Gardens
• Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens
• Sherman Library and Gardens
• Fullerton Arboretum
• Balboa Park
• The Getty Center
• The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden
• The Virginia Robinson Garden
• The Hortense Miller Garden

Your garden must reflect the Southern California lifestyle and celebrate our unique ability to spend 12 months of the year outside enjoying the “intoxicating” Southern California climate.

The 25th Annual Spring Garden Show will welcome over 100,000 visitors, many from affluent local communities. As a participant you will be given a unique opportunity to showcase your talents and connect with potential clients.

We invite you to join South Coast Plaza in making the 25th the most impressive Garden Show to date by “Celebrating the Gardens of Southern California”!

Annual Spring Garden Show

Our Idea:

Creating a garden that takes the elements of California Scenario designed by Isamu Noguchi in Costa Mesa and fuses that with elements iconic to the contemporary Southern California Garden.

  • Important ideas to consider:
  • How well do people know Noguchi’s Garden?
  • Is it necessary for them to in order to appreciate the garden?
  • Who is the target for our display?
  • What elements can be drown from the garden and incorporated into our design? Eg. Hardscape, plant material, Layout, Site elements, etc.
  • What makes this a California Garden?
  • What is the history of this garden?
  • How can we improve on our current design?
  • What is missing?
  • What other elements can we incorporate from elements that make up the identity of a Southern California garden?
  • What does a Southern California garden mean to you?

noguchiimage California Scenario, designed by Isamu Noguchi

 Work Days

Every Saturday beginning February 8th


This Saturday, February 8th at 9:00am:

–       Check on the status of the back shed.

–       See if there is any cleaning to do or stuff that got left unfinished from last semester

–       Take a trip to Noguchi’s Garden and discuss ideas

–       Begin collecting pallets around the area find local sources.

–       Start setting out areas for work activities ( eg. Set up painting area, research area, construction area, materials storage area)

Other Considerations:


Using pallets as the base for our garden.

Stone for desert area boxes.

Flagstone matching Noguchi’s garden for the ground.

Pebbles and river rock for stream.

Reclaimed and Reused wood for Decking, Planter, Benches, and Table.

Plant Materials:

Trees: Redwoods or redwood-like (eg. Catalina Ironwood, Atlas Cedar, conifers, etc.)

Edible Plants

Succulent and Cactus Material.

For more information about the Spring Garden Show visit:



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