Department Tour: Volunteers Needed

Friday, December 11th, 9:00AM-1:00PM

Horticulture Department

Hello everyone!

The semester is over! It may be time to take a break from academics, but we still have things to take care of in the department. We’re going to have high school students tour our department tomorrow, December 11th, from 9:00AM – 1:00PM. We’ll also have a few activities planned out for the students as well, and we’re asking for a few last minute volunteers to help keep things running smoothly while we show everyone around.

If you’d like to help out, let us know. We’d recommend you arrive by 8:30AM, before the students do.

We’ll see you there!


Spring Garden Show News!

Hello everyone!

We’ve briefly mentioned news regarding our involvement with the Spring Garden Show during several of our club meetings throughout the semester but now we have some more information to share with everyone, and we need your input on whether we should participate this upcoming year!

The organizers of the Southern California Spring Garden Show have reached out to us and have explored options with continuing to showcase the design work of professionals and students alike, and want us back in the action! Unlike previous years, our inclusion would be solely for the opportunity to show the public what we, the students of the horticulture department at Orange Coast College, are capable of rather than the traditional competition. They would like us to work with one of the shops occupying Crystal Court at South Coast Plaza and present some of their merchandise in a garden display of our design.

The theme for this upcoming show is At Home In The Garden and they would like the designs to focus on sustainability, reusable materials and being mindful about our Southern California environment through the use drought tolerant plants.

Our involvement in the Garden Show would mean that we, as a collective group of students, volunteers, and professionals, will step up to the plate with our best efforts and come up with a design to pitch, create, and build from the ground up to be showcased.  To accomplish this we need a group of dedicated volunteers to donate their weekends from the middle of January/beginning of February through the end of April.

We want to know if you are interested in joining us for this enormous project! Please click on the link below to respond to the poll so we can gauge how  many people are willing to participate.

We need your response by December 11th in order to let the organizers know if we want to participate in the Garden Show.

Let us know if you are ready to become involved with the rising landscape program and join others in putting something incredible on display for the public to see at the 2016 Southern California Spring Garden Show in the Crystal Court at South Coast Plaza from April 28th – May 1st.

Let us know your thoughts. We look forward to working with everyone!

We’ll see you there!

Reminder: Poinsettia Sale Volunteers Needed!

Various Dates This Week

Horticulture Department

Hello everyone!

We want tor remind you that the Annual Poinsettia Sale is at our doorstep, and that we have 3 dates for you to keep in mind beginning tomorrow. 

On Wednesday, December 2nd, from 9:00AM into the night, we will be working hard in the greenhouses, organizing and pulling orders in preparation for pre-order pickups on Thursday, December 3rd, from 10:00AM-5:00PM. 

Our sale will be open to the public on Friday, December 4th, from 10:00AM-3:00PM. 

We are asking for volunteers to help us out with preparations for the sale and to help us out with both of the sale dates. Any time given is greatly appreciated! This will be the busiest event of the year for our staff and volunteers. We will be out in the gardens at 9:00AM on both Thursday and Friday. There will plenty of work to go around form here on out!

We’ll see you there!

Poinsettia Sale: Volunteers Needed!

Various Dates

Horticulture Department

Hello everyone!

The end of the year is approaching. December will be upon us next week, and our Annual Poinsettia Sale is ready to commence!

Incase you missed the details in one of our previous emails, our sale will span over the course of two days. Those who preordered poinsettias can pick up their orders on Thursday, December 3rd from 10:00AM-5:00PM. For those interested, preorders close on November 30th. Please visit our website for more details, provided below. Our sale will be open to the public on Friday, December 4th, from 10:00AM-3:00PM. 

We will need the full force of our volunteers out there helping us make sure all of our customers are taken care of in proper fashion. If you can find the time and are interested in helping us through the busiest horticulture event of the year, please let us know you’ll be there. There is also a sign up sheet on the board of Hort Rm#101. We’ll be on site at 9:00AM each day.

Not only will we need volunteers for the sale dates, but we’ll need people preparing and organizing orders on Wednesday, December 2nd, from 9:00AM onward. We’ll stay here as long as we have to, so we’ll take all the help you’re willing to contribute.

We’ll see you there!