Statement of Intent

Statement of Intent

An Architectural Garden Inspired by Environmental Art and Natural Forms

Our 2013 Spring Garden Design creates an Environmental Art experience for the visitor to the garden using flowing space, natural elements and sculptural structures. Inspired by Environmental Land artist Andy Goldsworthy, the architectural design of our structures explore the principles of bio mimicry by replicating the logarithmic patterns and flows found in nature.

Environmental Art is about the experience of art, not just the viewing. Representing the interactivity of Environmental Art, a journey through our garden follows the natural curves of the benches as if flowing along a peaceful brook. The ribs of the structure envelope the visitor, like the petals of a closing flower. Our challenge was to create an oasis of solitude allowing the viewser to focus on the journey, not the destination.

Drawing on nearby natural resources, our art structures were created with artistic enthusiasm from locally sourced, recycled city trees. The wood was planed, leaving intact the naturally beautiful bark. The structures were crafted without nails using only dowels and glue. The contrast between the planed and rough surfaces of the wood emphasizes the naturalistic foundation of the soaring architectural forms.   The structures stand on their own as works of art and at the same time are integral to the garden as a whole.

A conceptual tree form balances the structures and waits for discovery at the end of the path. The concentric panels which form the tree allow for interior entry, to stand amongst the growth rings with a view upward, towards the cosmos.  Plant materials hug and surround the garden in metallic planters.  The path has been formed to mimic both flowing water and blowing sand.

By featuring an Environmental Art experience at the spring garden show, we hope to provide inspiration for using Artistic Elements of Nature in contemporary garden designs.


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