Past Projects

Group Horticulture Club Projects:

South Coast Plaza Installation: Each year the club competes in the South Coast Plaza Spring Garden Show.

Mondays : 8:15 -9:00 pm sharp in the Horticulture classroom.
We will be meeting Monday nights from 8:15 to 9:00pm sharp to discuss the state of the project, go over design, and assign tasks.

As of February 28, we have submitted our design and statement of intent. The Statement of Intent can be found here, and the design can be found posted on the Hort Club Bulletin board.

Theme Description: “Foreign Intrigue – Gardens of the World”

“Are you intrigued by the idea of creating a display garden using foreign design inspiration?  We invite you to let your imagination roam around the globe and return inspired with wild and crazy ideas…a Santorini cave-house patio garden, a Bora Bora lagoon-side taro garden, a Moroccan camel station oasis!  If such whimsy is not your style, take your inspiration from Giverny, Boboli or the Alhambra gardens.  Create a Mediterranean, Australian or South African retreat using plants that are right at home here in Southern California.  Maybe an English cottage garden or a Balinese Shangri-La is more your style.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Each year, the Southern California Spring Garden Show receives tens of thousands of garden-loving visitors.  They come to learn from our seminar speakers, shop with our top quality garden vendors, and be inspired and delighted by our unique display gardens.  This is a great opportunity to use your design skills, practice teamwork, and have lots of fun representing your school in our competition.

As our planet becomes smaller and more homogenized, we can still appreciate the unique character of different locations and cultures around the world.  Help us celebrate this diversity by creating a display garden inspired by a far-away place.  Intrigued?”

Please share your ideas for this years show below in the comment section. And don’t for get to check out last year’s entry.

-OCC Horticulture Club

3 thoughts on “Past Projects

  1. At the Wikipedia page for Mediterranean Climate ( ) There is a list of notable cities with hot-summer Mediterranean Climates. It could be a good place to get ideas for some far-off places with plants that could still do relatively well here.

    Such as Antalya Turkey

    or Casablanca Morocco

    or Monaco

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