Club Garden Plot Planting

Saturday, October 8th, 10:00AM – 2:00PM

Horticulture Garden Lab

Hello everyone!


We are well into the semester and we are starting to reboot our garden plot! Last semester we had many wonderful volunteers help us plant, care for, and harvest vegetables that we donated to the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen. At the end of the spring semester we donated a total of 226 pounds of veggies! Over the summer we donated another 260 pounds of watermelon. Combined, the club donated a whopping total of 486 pounds of food to the soup kitchen!


If you are interested in helping make someone’s day brighter through home grown food, please come join us this weekend as we begin our fall vegetable garden. We will be planting vegetables this Saturday, October 8th, from 10:00AM – 2:00PM at the horticulture community garden plots and garden lab, just outside the Technology Center parking lot. (Attached is a map if you are unfamiliar with the area.)


We will be planting cool season vegetables both from seed and from seedlings. This event is open to beginners and experts alike! We will be discussing the basics of caring for a garden and performing guided demonstrations as we plant. There will be a sign up sheet for a watering schedule on site. We will need a few dedicated volunteers who can stop by during the weeks ahead and water our growing garden.


If you cannot attend this planting session but wish to help by watering or weeding, please send us an email! While we love having an abundance of volunteers, we do need to make sure we are not overwatering our garden. There will be a log sheet posted at the garden plot to help track watering and care.



Please dress appropriately; close toed shoes and pants that can get dirty! Gloves are recommended but will be provided upon request. Tools will be available on site. It may be hot so please bring water.


We hope to see you this Saturday!

Upcoming events to remember:

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Garden Planting (October 8th, 10AM – 2PM, Garden Lab)

October Club Meeting (October 20th, 3:30PM-5:30PM, Horticulture 101)

Community Science Night (October 21st, 6PM-9PM, Horticulture 101)

        Note: We will be accepting Lavender Cookie donations during the week of the 21st.

Coast Day (October 25th, 10AM-2PM, Quad)