First Club Meeting!

Thursday, September 15th, 3:30PM

The Horticulture Department, Rm#101

Hello everyone!

We saw many new faces (and some familiar ones) at Club Rush the other day. Thank you for coming out and showing your support!

As we mentioned at the booth, our first club meeting is sooner than you think! On Thursday, September 15th, at 3:30PM (that’s tomorrow) in the horticulture department, room #101, we’re going to host a meet and greet with our interested members, club executives, and volunteers. The club will be meeting until 4:30pm. There will be snacks for us to munch on while we all get the chance to meet one another and talk about our plans for the semester, including, but not limited to…

– our community garden plot

– our ideas for coast day

– current volunteer opportunities

– our involvement in the spring garden show

That last one is a big one! Some of you may remember our entry into the spring garden show back in 2014. We came out on top and brought a ribbon back to the department with us. Well, we took a break from the competition, but we are considering coming back for the show in 2017. Our decision to be involved depends on our volunteers!

We want to have an open discussion about bringing together a group of volunteers that are interested in pitching design ideas for the show, and figure out who is game to put in the time to build the garden when the time comes! This will be an enormous opportunity to show us what you got! We encourage anyone, whether or not you have experience in this sort of thing, to come forward if you are ready to be apart of this effort.

We’ll see you there!