2020 Master Plan Meeting Tonight

Monday, November 2nd, 6:00PM

1370 Adams Ave. Costa Mesa CA, 92626

The Board of Trustees will be holding a special meeting to approve the final Environmental Impact Report for the 2020 Master Plan. The plan calls for a student housing pad to be built where the garden lab and the arboretum are currently located. A similar thing happened at Cal Poly SLO this year and it would have gone through except that enough people showed up to protest.

You may recall that several years ago the department lost 12,000 square feet to development and lost the fruit tree lab where the new shed was constructed. Work on the replacement fruit tree lab (in the same area as the arboretum) has already started with the delivery of rocks and materials and fruit trees will be donated by Dave Wilson Nursery in January. The garden lab/community garden currently hosts 105 students and 20 community gardeners. Except for the largest of the trees in the arboretum, they are all pruned by students and are also used by several other horticulture classes.

To add insult to injury, the Facilities and Planning Committee voted in 2009 to protect the arboretum and garden labs from development. Their recommendation may have been registered but the plans that are before the board for approval do not reflect that intent.

Please come to the meeting even if you do not care to speak. The Board will know why you are there. If you do care to speak, the time limit is generally 3 minutes and since this is a special meeting, this is the only thing on their agenda.

I hope you can make it and if you can’t, please send the board an email and protest any additional facility losses to the horticulture department.

Thank you.