First Meeting: Urban Fruit

Wednesday, February 11th, 7:00PM

Horticulture Department

Hello everyone!

We hope the spring semester is treating you well so far. We are ready to get things started here in the Horticulture Department. Our first meeting is coming up! We will be hosting a screening of Urban Fruit on Wednesday, February 11th, at 7:00PM, out in the Horticulture Gardens.

Urban Fruit is a documentary centering around four people who have sought out to reclaim their ability to grow their own food in the industrial environment of Los Angeles.

We will have popcorn, coffee, and cider for those in attendance. Feel free to bring your own snacks as well, and please consider bringing a blanket. It does become a little chilly at night during this time of the year. This will be a great way to become involved with what’s going on with the horticulture department and spend time with other students. It’s sure to be a great time.

We hope to see you there!