Landscape Design Classes

Hello everyone!

With the Fall semester here, we wanted to take a moment to inform everyone that we have added some new design classes to our program and we’re looking to fill them up with a few heads to keep them running. We have two classes that are in need of some students, listed below.

25357 HORT A200 001 O 3.000 History of Landscape Design M 12:45 pm-03:55 pm 30 12 30 0 Lori L Pullman (P) 08/24-12/14 HORTIC 102  

                    This introduction course is a historical survey of the development of designed landscapes from ancient times through the 21st century. The course will emphasize the cultural, social, and economic contexts that have shaped and informed historic landscapes, broadly defined, and the influence of environmental concerns, horticultural techniques, and technological innovations. 

You don’t have to be an experienced designer to take or enjoy this class. This is the first time this course is being offered at OCC! Students may also have the opportunity to do a historically inspired landscape of their own based on the style of their choice.

25356 HORT A116 001 O 3.000 Digital Design W 05:30 pm-06:30 pm 25 17 30 0 Lori L Pullman (P) 08/24-12/14 HORTIC 102  
                W 06:30 pm-08:40 pm         Lori L Pullman 08/24-12/14 HORTIC 102  
                  TBA         Lori L Pullman 08/24-12/14 HORTIC 102  

                  This course provides an introduction to digital techniques while explaining the processes associated with describing and designing the landscape. In addition, this course guides the student through from their first impression of a site, through concept and schematic design and presentation to construction and site drawings, concluding with a case study that shows the final result. The designer needs to know about digital tools and use them at the various stages of a concept development. In the journey from concept to realization, it is important to have the right tools and methods of representation and use them in an intelligent and skillful way.

Previously this was an 8 week class that has been expanded into 16 weeks. Students now have more time to retain the information being learned and the ability to fully grasp more than one program because the student would have the whole semester to learn.  Also, Hort 102 has been completely overhauled and redesigned specifically to fit the needs of this class.

If either of these classes sound interesting to you, please feel free to come in during class and sign up. 

We hope to see you there!