March General Meeting, March 4th, 7:40pm, Horticulture Department

March General Meeting
March 4th, 7:40pm | Horticulture Department (HORT 101 Lab)
“Growing plants out of soil”


Tillansias (more commonly referred to as air plants) are unique plants that can survive without any soil, drawing its nutrients and water out of the air.

For our meeting will be making small planters to sell the following week at
Coast Day (March 11th) to sell to raise money for our club.
Here is what we need for Tuesday:

  • Need some volunteers to help acquire plants. Air plants usually divide pretty frequently, so if you have any extra plants, even a few to use for our planters you are more than welcome to bring some. Anything anyone is willing to donate will be great, as the money that goes from these sales will be used to facilitate our volunteers that have been helping out on Saturdays and future meetings and events.
  • Pebbles, seashells, or any other material anyone would like to bring also would be great!
  • Succulent cuttings also work really well!
  • You can also bring in some glass containers if you would like to make some of your own to take home that night also.

Aquaponics Presentation

If time permits we will have a small presentation to explain and go over how to set up and make your own aquaponic system and the principles and ideas that go into creating a good system

For questions or concerns contact us at:

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