Looking for volunteers: Pot-a-Plant 2013, June 8th, 9th

Great volunteer opportunity coming up! There is a call for some wonderful volunteers to help out at  the Pot-a-Plant program at this years Special Olympics Summer Games.

Here is more info:

Hello, everyone!  It’s hard to believe, but Pot-A-Plant™ 2013 is only 4 weeks away!   We’re gearing up for another memorable event for both athletes and volunteers and hope you will be able to join us this year.  Invite your family and friends.  Everyone is welcome.

Once again, the 2013 Summer Games are being held at Cal State Long Beach.  The dates are Saturday and Sunday, June 8 and 9.  There are four 2-hour shifts available on Saturday and three 2-hour shifts available on Sunday for the Pot-A-Plant™ booth.

The 2013 volunteer sign-up form is now active and ready for use on the website.  The link below will take you directly to the volunteer schedule.  Please note the available timeslots and then click on a volunteer sign-up link next to an available slot.  We update the volunteer schedule regularly to assist in your selection of a timeslot … SOSC Volunteer Sign-Up. 

Also of interest on the SOSC volunteer page is general information, driving directions and maps to the location.  You might also be interested in viewing the slideshow we created in 2009 with the help of Emi Morita that actually shows you how we pot-a-plant.  A direct link to this video is identified as “PAP-VIDEO” in the new menu bar.  Information and slideshows from Pot-A-Plant booths in other states can also be found on the site.

While you’re visiting the site, please join our “page” on FaceBook.  There are links on potaplant.org that will take you directly to the page. In addition to direct emails, we post announcements on FaceBook as information becomes available.  Please feel free to interact.

We have been informed by SoCal Special Olympics that they will require online volunteer registration again this year … same process we’ve had to follow the past three years.  When you volunteer with us, you will receive further instructions on this process.

Thank you all so very much for your help and support.  We look forward to another rewarding, fun-filled weekend.  If you have any questions, ask away.

This communiqué is serving as (1) a reminder of the upcoming June event, (2) a hearty thank you to past volunteers and donors and (3) an email check-in to make sure your email address is still active and that we don’t get lost in SPAM.  Feel free to forward this to anyone you might feel has interest.

Our best wishes to all.  We hope to see lots of familiar faces and welcome some new faces at this year’s Pot-A-Plant™ event.  More to follow soon …

Joan Archibald


Greg Eberly, LICM

   Associate Director/CFO


More Info on Pot-a-Plant:

Pot-A-Plant is an extracurricular activity program for the Special Olympics Summer Games. It is normally a booth in the Olympic Village, Sponsor Village or Olympic Expo and is staffed by volunteers.
Its intent is to provide interaction between the athletes and nature by the simple act of transplanting a small plant into a larger pot. The finished product is then given to the athlete to take home and nurture.

– potaplant.org

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