1st Place!

OCC Horticulture Club Wins 1st Place!

OCC Horticulture Club takes first place for the second year in a row at the Southern California Spring Garden Show!

Our Therapeutic Garden for the Visually Impaired will be on display till Sunday at South Coast Plaza, outside of the Crate and Barrel.

The garden is anchored by a thirty-inch diameter acrylic globe made by the American Institute for the Blind which features highly-detailed topographical reliefs and tactile longitude and latitude lines. The globe will contain markers designating the geographic origins of chosen plants in the garden. The garden also features a water fountain and wind chimes as navigational devices, and a variety of textured and fragrant plants, many of which are identified with Braille markers. It also contains a birdhouse made by a student from the Braille Institute, and a talking weather station to encourage participation and frequent visits to the garden.

OCC Horticulture CLub and The Braille Institute had a great time Saturday when about 15 students from the Braille Institute dropped by to test out “their” garden. It was an emotional experience for everyone involved and we were so happy to see the garden used for its intended purpose.

Like What You See?

The garden is for sale!*

Stop by for more details!

Come by and show your support!

*Best offer. Plants and Labor not included

Thank you Marc Jacobs for the beautiful photos!


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