Spring Garden Show is Almost Here!

Hi Everyone,

I hope that every one enjoyed the Easter Holiday.  Now that classes are back in swing and the Garden show is just around the corner we could use some help.  This Friday, Paul and I will be picking up the plants from Village Nursery in Huntington Beach, So we could use all of the plant Team at 9am on Saturday to install the plants into the design (RAIN or SHINE) that should take most of the day to make sure everything is perfect. On Friday we could use a few hands to help unload the plants off the truck, as well as some to remove debris from the design area, in addition to a small amount of clean- up that needs to be done.  

The globe is being cleaned by fellow student Lorry Ann and should be finished sometime next week.  Lynn Neal and her Son are working on finishing the fountain which should be done next week as well.  Angela is getting the fabric and cushions for us any day.

The weather station and wind chimes should be on location by Saturday.  Meredith and Paul have been to the Braille Institute and we have our Plant ID labels finished.

Our Press release has been sent out to the local papers. Luis has made and posted fliers around campus. Most of the painting is finished, we just need a couple of touch ups hear and there.  Friday I will be finishing up with the rocks.

So we will have this Saturday April 14 and Saturday April 21 to tie up all of the loose ends and on Sunday April 22 we should start to take it apart and load it into the truck. Tom and Eloy should be ok, however, perhaps  three or four volunteers  should be there on that Sunday for clean up and heavy lifting on to the truck.

Next would be the LOAD in at South Coast Plaza on Monday the 23rd of April at 9pm.  If you will be helping out with that please fill out a form for parking and see ME or one of the Executive team if you have not filled out the Insurance and Medical forms.  Go ahead and meet the TEAM at the South Cost Plaza near the Crate and Barrel.

Thanks everyone for all of the help and hard work we are on our way to that blue ribbon!

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