February at OCC Hort Club (past)

Rose Pruning Day Recap

First, thanks very much to everyone who attended the Rose Pruning Workshop at the Garrison Garden a couple weeks ago!  We had a very nice introduction to the Garden from Lee Gordon, a very informative demonstration from Rick Harlow on how to prune a few types of roses, and of course we had a chance for some hands on experience.  Check out the action shots that we’ve posted Rose Pruning Photos
Thanks to everyone who participated! Tiny, Kevin, Jylian, Mattie, Fred, Bryanne, Beth, John, Suiko, Allen, Eloy, Elaine, Kelly, Steve, Nellie, Angela, Zach, Meredith, Rick and Lee.

Now the big news: Our first General Meeting

Will be on Wednesday, February 9th after classes, at about 8:30.  The main event: “Foreign Intrigue, Gardens of the World”.  Sound familiar?  It’s all about the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza – last year’s maiden voyage, this year’s journey to exotic lands.  We had a great group of dedicated explorers attend the Kick-off meeting last week, and we were able to get our bearings.  But don’t worry, there’s plenty of adventure left for you brave (or just curious) souls out there.  Intrigued?  Join us at the meeting to find out all about it.  For a little preview check out the Group Projects page or the pictures from last year
But before closing, more thank yous to those dedicated explorers who’ve helped get this year’s Spring Garden Show display garden off to a great start: Merci! Grazie! Danke!  You’re participation is dearly appreciated.
And here’s to an excellent Spring Semester for everyone,
OCC’s Horticulture Club

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