December Meeting (past)

Thursday December 2nd

@6:30 pm in the Horticulture building.

Come join us on Thursday December the 2nd, at our new more convenient time 6:30 pm, for the next meeting of the horticulture club.

This month we will have guest speaker  Mike Viljak back for another session on bonsai gardening.

Mike,  an avid bonsai gardener and fellow OCC Horticulture student, will be there again this month to share with us his passion and experience on all aspects of bonsai tending, from pottery creation to selection, from root pruning to shaping, from tools to aesthetics. Mike is an impassioned speaker with a wealth of knowledge, and a laid back demeanor that thrives on interaction with the audience. The presentation will include several demonstration pieces, a lecture, and a question and answer session. If you’ve ever wanted to give bonsai gardening a try this is an excellent opportunity to get started.

We will also be covering:

  • The South Coast Plaza Spring Garden Show
  • The Poinsettia Sale
  • Upcoming volunteer days
  • and new meeting times and scheduling

-OCC Horticulture Club

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